S21 E06 Week 6: St. Thomas

02/06/17 | TV-14 | CC

Taylor is determined to defeat her arch rival, Corinne, even after being dispatched on the dramatic two-on-one date. So as Nick and the controversial bachelorette attempt to have a romantic evening, Taylor crashes their party to share information about her adversary. Will that change Nick's impression of the provocative woman? After the rose ceremony, nine lucky ladies remain on the journey to the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Particularly curious about one bachelorette's mysterious past, Nick spends the day with her, but will there be enough of a connection between them for her to continue? What starts out as a fun-filled, relaxing group date on a sandy white beach, turns awkward and goes awry, as Nick supplies a surprise ending. After this disaster, Nick is bewildered but continues with another two-on-one date with two women about whom he has been optimistic, hoping for reassurance that love is in his future. An unprecedented turn of events leaves Nick in tears and the remaining bachelorettes heart broken. Is Nick's fourth bid to find his soul mate doomed?

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