The Rose Forecast: Two-Night Event Starts SUNDAY 8|7c

By Mike Krolak | Feb 10th, 2015

After the fireworks display that was the Ashley vs. Kelsey 2-on-1 date on this week's episode of The Bachelor, it's hard to believe the tension can get more intense. But then, there's that little detail where Chris can only marry one of these ladies, complicated by the fact that he's falling in love with more than one of them. Everyone's feelings are getting stronger and stronger, which means the tears will fall harder and harder when those connections are inevitably broken.

This week's special two-night event starts SUNDAY 8|7c and continues MONDAY 8|7c, and there is a lot to cover. Chris will meet the families of a few lucky women and see their hometowns, but more importantly, the ladies will visit Chris's hometown of Arlington, Iowa, where one of them is likely to spend the rest of their life with Chris. Here's a preview of this two-night special event:

If you just can't wait to see what comes next, here's a sneak peek of a few of the ladies sneaking off for a road trip to Arlington. It would appear that at least some of them weren't fully prepared for just how small Chris's hometown really is:

The Rose Forecast: 2/15 and 2/16|See what's next on a special two-night Bachelor event!|See what's next on a special two-night Bachelor event that starts SUNDAY FEB 15 8|7c.