The Rose Forecast: Women Tell All & The Finale

By Mike Krolak | Feb 25th, 2015

Chris is down to only two women: Becca and Whitney. But before we get to the thrilling finale of The Bachelor, the women will gather one more time to talk about Chris -- and each other. The sparks will fly when these ladies hash out the issues that, in some cases, may have led to them being sent home. Britt will get her chance to confront Carly about telling Chris she lied about her feelings. Ashley I. and Kelsey will get the chance to go head-to-head one more time. Ashley S. will get the chance to explain her quizzical behavior on the show.

And then in two weeks, Chris, Becca and Whitney will return to Iowa to meet Chris's family in the final episode of season 19. After this final week, Chris must make his decision -- Becca or Whitney -- and pick one to be his wife. Or... does he? You'll have to watch to find out, but for now, enjoy this preview of the final two weeks of The Bachelor: