The Bachelor Season Finale: Preview

By Mike Krolak | Mar 6th, 2015

The season finale of The Bachelor is almost here. It feels like it went by so fast, and we weren't even trying to pick someone to marry in 10 weeks. That challenging task has been left to our Bachelor, Chris Soules, who has pared the group down to just two women: Becca and Whitney. Chris and the two ladies will return to Iowa to meet Chris's family in the final episode of season 19.

In the preview, Chris seems incredibly torn between Becca and Whitney. He's definitely into both of them, but Whitney appears to be -- at least at the moment -- more inclined to move to Arlington. Chris's dad seems to think Chris is favoring Becca, which definitely puts Chris in a tight spot in choosing the right woman to marry. There will be a lot of gut checks and more than a few tears leading up to the nervewracking finale.

So there you have it: It's possible to not really envy a guy who has 30 gorgeous women pining for his love. Enjoy this preview of the Bachelor season finale!