Watch Jimmy Kimmel Review Bachelor Season 20 Contestants

By Sarah Huggins | Dec 9th, 2015


The bios of the 28 lucky ladies vying for Ben Higgins' heart on The Bachelor Season 20 have been released and who better to weigh in on the hopefuls than late night funny man Jimmy Kimmel? The host reviewed the contestants on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday (December 8) and shared some hilarious observations of Ben's bachelorettes. As Jimmy points out, a picture can say a whole lot about a woman. The Bachelor 2016 contestants strike one of three signature poses in their photos - hands below the waist, one hand on the hip or the confident two hands on the hips all accompanied with a sassy smile.

"Don't let those shiny, smiley, sorority photos fool you, these cheerful looking women wish each other nothing but misery and death," Kimmel warns of the Season 20 group which includes a chicken enthusiast and a war veteran. See what else Jimmy had to say about the contestants in the video below and see all the contestant bios here. Tune in to The Bachelor Season 20 premiere MONDAY, JAN 4 8|7c to see if one of the bachelorettes captures Ben's heart. 

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