S9 E11 Season Finale: Part 2

08/05/13 | TV-14 | CC

 After enduring heartbreak when Sean Lowe sent her home last season on "The Bachelor," Desiree Hartsock refused to give up her fairytale dream of romance, and she returned for a second chance at love. After surviving shocking twists and turns, Desiree narrowed down the 25 bachelors to three fabulous guys - Brooks, Chris and Drew. While she was ready to give her heart completely to Brooks, he did not share her feelings. Desiree was expecting fireworks when she met Brooks in Antigua, but when he broke up with her very unexpectedly, she was left crying at the edge of a dock, devastated, heartbroken, hopeless and ready to go home. In this week's emotional conclusion, Desiree must decide if she can move forward with the other two men or if her hope of finding love has been ruined.

Desiree must decide if her chemistry with the remaining two men has the potential to be as intense as the chemistry she had with Brooks, who she thought was the love of her life. She confronts these life-changing decisions in a discussion with Chris Harrison, weighing the possibilities of a life with Chris or Drew. Drew, a sweet, compassionate and caring man, is completely in love with her. Chris has remained confident in their connection throughout the emotional rollercoaster ride. Desiree sees a relationship blossoming with him as well. 
After breaking down in tears with Chris Harrison, she is ready to face the final two men. In a moving confession, she tells them that Brooks has decided to leave. How will the men react when they learn of her feelings for Brooks?
The final days of Desiree's journey are filled with questions. If she does see promise in either Chris or Drew, will she introduce them to her family? Whether they meet her family or not, will Desiree's brother, Nate, play a role in sabotaging her quest for love again? Desiree must look inward and consider if the love she has always wanted is right in front of her, or if her heartache over Brooks' lost love will crush her dreams of finding a soul mate. 
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