S9 E03 Episode 3

06/10/13 | TV-14 | CC

Artful Dodgers: Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zack K and Ben are picked for the group date. They are instructed by members of the National Dodgeball League on how to play the game before battling each other. The crowd cheers as the red and blue teams take the field. Balls fly at high speeds in intense matches. The tiebreaker game ends for Brooks right away when he injures his finger. He’s off to the ER.

And the Winner Is…: The red team battles on even though they are down a man. Zack K ultimately wins the day for the blue team. They are going to the after-party. But so is the red team. Desiree felt they all played their hearts out, so they are all winners in her mind. Later, Brad admits that he has a three-year-old son. He’s been raising him by himself after a bad relationship. Chris surprises Des with a nice rooftop chat and the return of Brooks leads to the first kiss of the night. At the end of the date, Chris gets the rose and a dance at a private concert with Kate Earl. He also gets the last kiss of the night.

Brian’s Swan Song: Desiree asks Brian about his ex-girlfriend who she’s been told is still his girlfriend. The lady in question walks in during their conversation. Her name is Stephanie and she says they are still together. Brian can’t get a word in edgewise to defend himself as all hell breaks loose. When he finally does get to speak, he says that Stephanie has thrown rocks at his face. Ouch!

Pig Out: Stephanie finally gets Brian to admit that the two of them slept together two days before he came on the show. She calls him a lying, cheating, deceitful pig. Hey, at least she didn’t throw rocks! Desiree says there’s no way Brian is staying on the show. She gives Stephanie a hug as Brian is escorted out of the house. Desiree explains what went down to the rest of the guys. Thankfully, there’s silence when she asks if anyone else has anything they are hiding.

In the Loop: Kasey is picked for the one-on-one date. Their time together begins with the unusual dance troupe, "Bandaloop." These artists dance on the side of skyscrapers using a special trapeze rigging. They teach Desiree and Kasey tricks they need to know to dance on the side of a building. Later, a sudden windstorm ruins what is supposed to be a romantic rooftop dinner. Des and Kasey seek safety from the breeze in a chilly pool. They kiss to try to keep warm, but they are forced to end their date on a staircase. The date wasn’t ideal, but good sport Kasey still scores a rose.

The Lone Bachelor: Dan, James, Juan Pablo, Bryden and Zak W are picked for the second group date. They head to the Rose ‘N Thorn Ranch where they’ll be making their own Western movie. The guys learn stunts from the team that worked on The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. After all of the lassoing and horseplay is done, Juan Pablo impresses Des the most. He gets a private screening movie date with her to watch The Lone Ranger. They miss several plot points because they were too busy kissing. Hiyo, Juan Pablo!

Reassurance Rose: Bryden scores a kiss during his one-on-one time. As for James, he’s worried about his sick dad back home. He wants assurance from Desiree that she sees a possible future with him. That assurance comes in the form of a rose at the end of the evening. James, in turn, asks if Desiree will accept the daisy he picked for her. Nice.

Pool Party: The cocktail party is ditched so Des and her men can have a pool party. Ben steals the Bachelorette away for a quick car ride before she steps into the house. The other guys aren’t happy to catch the two of them kissing in the front seat upon their return. Mikey confronts Ben about his deceit, but his sneaky housemate isn’t going to apologize for his behavior. In other news, Brandon lets Des know that he’s falling in love with her.

The Rose Ceremony: Brian has been shown the door and James, Kasey and Chris all have roses. They are safe. Here’s a list of all the men who receive roses from Desiree:








Juan Pablo




Zack K.

Zak W

That means Dan and Brandon are headed out the door with the latter bachelor completely stunned by this decision. Desiree explains that they just didn’t have that chemistry. She wanted to do a break sooner rather than later. That doesn’t make it any easier for Brandon who says he’s out of tears. As for the rest of the men, they are head to Atlantic City to compete in the Mr. America Pageant. Oh, and there’s more drama with Ben next time, too.

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