S9 E06 Episode 6

07/01/13 | TV-14 | CC

Des and her men are in Barcelona!

Starting Out Strong: Drew gets the first one-on-one date. He starts off strong by kissing Des right away. He says that he looks at his dad as the man he wants to be. This is truly moving, as his father is recovering alcoholic. He’s now huge part of the AA community helping others. His dad also has cancer. Drew’s description of how great his dad is makes Desiree want to meet this amazing man.

Make-out Alley: Barcelona brings out Desiree’s emotional, artistic side. It makes her want to fall in love. She knows her date has depth, but learns he also has an impulsive side. Drew drags Des away from the dinner table for an impromptu make-out moment in an alley. The romantic, sensual kiss makes Des see Drew in a completely different way. That’s why a rose is given, but the happy moment is short-lived. Drew feels he must tell Des what he knows about James.

Football, You Bet: Drew overheard James saying that if he made it into the “top four” it would give him enough exposure to possibly become the next Bachelor. Desiree appreciates Drew coming forward with this info but she’s completely ticked at James. This lays the groundwork for what could be an awkward group date. James is on the list as are Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael and Juan Pablo, who feels right at home when the date kicks off on a soccer field. He and the rest of the guys learn they will be playing against Desiree and her team of pro lady players from Spain.

Game Over: The guys start off strong, but the girls know this is a marathon, not a sprint. They score at will on James the goalie. Desiree notices that he’s just not into the game. The ladies win 10-2. Later, Des reads a poem she wrote for Chris. Elsewhere, Kasey confronts James about his unsettling conversation with Mikey. Michael is there, too. Tension immediately filled the room. James claims Mikey was the one who started conversation. He goes on a venomous rant about how his words were twisted and everything is hearsay. Now the Bachelorette wants to talk to James.

James and the Giant Elephant in the Room: Desiree decides that she can’t give out a group date rose. She has more pressing matters to deal with at the moment. Desiree lets James know that she believes everything the other guys told her. James swears that he didn’t say anything out of line. He has feelings for her and believes they have a connection. This is all very tough for Desiree, as she wants to believe a tearful James. Desiree thinks they need to take the night to process everything. The other guys are shocked when they see James walk back into the room.

The Naked Truth: Zak gets the second one-on-one date. He’s focused on keeping Desiree’s mind off the James situation. The dating duo takes some art/drawing lessons. They end up doing sketches of each other. Desiree can’t help but laugh at Zak’s scary portrait of her. The chuckling ends when a male model pops by so they can paint him in the buff. To be clear, the model is naked, not Des and Zak. At least not right away. Zak decides to model his own bare body for Desiree. He doesn’t go full frontal, but he does strip down to his underwear. Later, he gets a kiss and a rose.

More James Drama: James asks Drew for his perspective on the drama surrounding him. The two of them get into a yelling match. They will obviously never be on the same page. Things are extremely awkward when all the guys are together in the same room. Thankfully, the tension doesn’t last long as Des comes to grab James for a chat. She’s planning to send him home, but the sincerity she believes James has inside gives her pause. Desiree needs more time to think things over. She almost resents the other guys for putting her through this.

The Rose Ceremony: The men are stunned, once again, when James comes back into the room. They thought he was history for sure. Chris can’t keep calm when James tries to explain things again. More tension. It’s James against the world. He storms out of the room. Michael thinks this guy is toast. James says, “We’ll see.” The men can’t understand what Desiree sees in him. Many of them will have questions for her if she decides to keep James around. As for the rose ceremony, Drew and Zak are safe. Three others are heading home. Here’s a list of all the men receiving a rose from Desiree:





Zak W

That means Kasey, Juan Pablo and, yes, James, are headed home. As for Des and the rest of their men, they are off to an island off the coast of Portugal.

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