S9 E07 Episode 7

07/08/13 | TV-14 | CC

With the drama of Munich and Barcelona behind her, Desiree must determine which four men will have the chance to take her home to meet their families. Madeira, off the coast of Africa, is the perfect location for her to meet up with three of her friends from last season. Catherine, Lesley and Jackie help Des refocus on the crucial task at hand. Who will she pick for the hometown dates?!

A Walk in the Clouds: Brooks scores the first one-on-one date as he and Des drive into the clouds as they ascend up the mountain peaks of the island. They have a serious chat while sitting on top of the world. Desiree can see Brooks as her husband. You could say she’s on Cloud 9. This is the moment she’s been waiting for and she doesn’t want it to end. This is fairy tale she signed up for.

The Family Man: When nighttime rolls around, Desiree and Brooks share a romantic dinner. She makes a toast to one of the best days she’s ever had. Brooks says that his future wife will be absorbed into his family. He likes that Desiree says she’s “running” towards life, but feels that he’s still a little behind her emotionally. Brooks believes that having Des meet his family would get him up and running, too. An amazing fireworks show fills the sky as these two feel their own kind of fireworks about their relationship.

Message in a Bottle: Chris gets the second one-on-one date of the week. It kicks off on a yacht ride where they both show their obvious affection for each other. They make their way to a deserted island where they work on a poem together. They plop their prose into a bottle and toss it into the ocean. A wish is made and a kiss seals the deal as waves tumble onto the rocks where they stand.

Everyone Says I Love You: Desiree makes a toast to Chris, who asks how big a family he wants. Their chat is slightly derailed when Chris gets nervous and sweaty. He has something to say. Of course, he expresses his thoughts in a poem. He ends the romantic speech with the words he’s been so nervous to say. Chris says, “I love you.” Desiree is blown away by how open he is. It’s huge. Des can truly picture a life with this guy.

Cool Runnings: Michael gets the third one-on-one date of the week as he and Desiree hit the town. They gaze over at a waterfall where they chat about their feelings and share some affectionate kisses. Then they take a swift toboggan ride down a steep hill. Just like love, this is one wild ride.

Say Anything…: Michael knows it’s time to open up to Desiree. He says he owes everything to his mom. He doesn’t really talk to his biological father anymore, but he bears the guy no ill will. He feels that his past experiences will make him a better father when the time comes. Michael also talks about the heartbreak he felt from a past relationship. It took Desiree to give him hope that he can now love again.

Speed: Drew and Zak get a two-on-one date on a racetrack. The two men and Des hop into their respective go karts. Then it’s just Zak and Drew. The winner of their race gets a special surprise from Des. Speed demon Zak crosses the finish line first. That means Drew will need to pull out all the stops on the rest of the date if he wants to get the rose.

The Notebook: Zak gets the first opportunity to chat with Desiree. He created a memory book of everything they’ve been through since Day 1. Desiree likes seeing him happy like he is at this moment. When Drew gets his chance to chat, he lets Des know that his family will love her including his handicapped sister who will be so excited to meet her. Desiree truly wants to meet Drew’s family, so he gets the rose and a guaranteed hometown date!

Falling in Love: Desiree says Drew is the best-looking guy she’s ever met, but she’s also truly impressed by his sincerity. She also blushes whenever she hears the name Brooks. She says that she’s hit the finish line with him. Desiree is basically saying that she’s fallen in love with this guy. She knows that he has strong feelings for her even though he hasn’t said “I love you.” Chris, on the other hand, has said those words. So she’s falling in love with him, too.

The Rose Ceremony: Drew received a rose during the two-on-one date, so he is one of the four men who get to take Desiree home to meet the family. Here’s a list of all the men receiving a rose from Desiree:




Zak W

That means Michael is headed home. As for the remaining men, it’s time to have the Bachelorette meet the family. Hometown dates are on the way!

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