S10 E10 Dominican Republic

07/14/14 | TV-14 | CC

Romantic adventures await Andi and the final three men—Chris, Josh and Nick—as they travel to the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. There is electricity and passion in the air during these sand and surf excursions as Andi continues to explore what her future would be like with these potential partners.

Storybook Romance: Andi and Nick take a helicopter ride to an uninhabited beach on Saona Island. As they romp in the crystal blue water, it’s undeniable that there is physical chemistry between them. Later at a romantic seaside dinner, Nick finds a creative way of recapping their relationship by reading her a storybook he wrote about their adventure. He finally lets Andi know how he feels about her. Nick’s declaration of love lands him an invitation to spend the night with her in the Fantasy Suite.

Falling Fast: Andi and Josh spend the day touring Santo Domingo, mingling with locals and playing a pickup baseball game with some children, which gives her a glimpse into what their future could be like. Later, Josh shares his innermost thoughts. Andi feels herself falling for Josh, but even as he reiterates his love for her, her self-sabotaging habits might prevent her from offering him a card to the “fantasy suite.” That doesn’t happen. Josh gets the invite, which he gladly accepts.

Iowa or Bust: Andi meets Chris for a wonderful day of horseback riding in the country. The conversation is playful and flirtatious as usual, but she must figure out if her relationship with Chris is on the same level as her other two suitors. They meet for a sensual oceanfront dinner. Chris bares his soul when questions of living in Iowa pop up. A teary-eyed Andi lets him know that she doesn’t see the foundation with them. No Fantasy Suite card is offered. Chris heads home.

Andi’s remaining two bachelors toast to meeting Andi’s family as their adventure continues in the Dominican Republic. Will she choose Nick or Josh? Will her fairytale have a happy ending or is she headed for heartbreak? Only time will tell for the Bachelorette.

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