S10 E12 Season Finale: Dominican Republic

07/28/14 | TV-14 | CC

After Andi’s dramatic breakup with Juan Pablo last season, she refused to give up on her search for her one great love. After surviving shocking twists and turns and a journey filled with laughter, tears and love, Andi narrowed down the 25 bachelors to two fabulous guys—Josh and Nick. Who does she choose? Let’s find out

Nick Meets the Family: Andi introduces both men to her family for an important test. Nick is up first. He is determined to ask Andi’s father for permission to marry his daughter. But things get off to a shaky start when the usually confident bachelor is almost tongue-tied when he faces his potential in-laws.

Josh Meets the Family: Josh is next, but there’s a chance his quick wit and easygoing charm may raise a red flag rather than win over Andi’s family. Andi’s dad is right on target when he says that Josh is the kind of guy Andi falls for but never settles down with. Josh does his best to win their approval and prove to them he is ready to marry their daughter.

The Last Dates: Andi has important last dates with both men. She explores the coast of the beautiful Dominican Republic with Josh from the deck of a sailboat. Later, things turn serious as questions arise about the possibility of spending a life together, and he gives her a heartfelt gift. Later, Andi and Nick go off-roading and wind up at a secret lagoon for a private swim. That evening, their passion heats up as the couple realizes their chemistry is undeniable. Nick gives Andi a special gift as well that sums up their relationship and his true intentions.

A Tearful Goodbye: Andi visits Nick in his room. She feels like something just isn’t right between them. Andi admits that she couldn’t have fun with him on their last date. She fears a life together would lead to a lot of overanalyzing by both of them. Nick can’t wrap his arms around this decision. He woke up so confident. He wishes Andi wouldn’t have said or done during their journey together. He hopes she’s a million percent sure about her decision.

The Final Rose: One rose remains. Andi must decide if she wants to present it to Josh, who gives her an impassioned speech declaring his true love for her. They have had an incredible journey. Andi tells Josh that she was scared from the first time he met her. She recalls how the next person he said “I love you” to would be the woman who would be his wife. Andi knows that the feeling she has for this man is true love. Josh is overjoyed. He gets down on one knee to present her with a beautiful engagement ring. Andi accepts his proposal of marriage and Josh accepts her final rose. Woohoo!

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