S10 E03 Santa Barbara

06/01/14 | TV-14 | CC

Believe in Santa Barbara: Nick V. scores the first one-on-one date of the week. He spends a casual day with Andi riding bikes and hiking to a private perch in the mountains, culminating in a private dinner in the clock tower of the Santa Barbara courthouse. His misgivings gradually fade as he realizes how easily he could fall in love with the Bachelorette. But will she feel the same? Judging by the kisses they share and the rose Nick gets at the end of a really great date, there certainly is potential there.

Playing with the Boyz: Twelve unsuspecting men get the thrill of their lives when they realize that they will be singing with the award-winning R&B group “Boyz II Men,” harmonizing with them on one of their biggest hits, “I’ll Make Love to You.” The bachelors hit more than a few sour notes while rehearsing with the singers and then are left reeling when they are told they will be singing live on stage at one of the group’s concerts.

Pitch Imperfect: One guy has perfect pitch. That would be opera singer Bradley. But the others are trying to calm their nerves as they belt out a tune to the best of their limited vocal abilities. A rose is still up for grabs at the group date after party and the men turn up the heat. At the end of the date, Andi give the rose to the guy that opened up to her. Josh made her feel good even though he forgot the lyrics to the song he was singing to her earlier. The rose he receives undoubtedly makes him feel better.

This is Getting Old: Tall, good-looking J.J. joins Andi on an unusual date to discover what it means for “love to be timeless.” The couple ages 50 years with the help of Hollywood make-up artists and spends the day looking elderly, but remaining young at heart, as they interact with people in the street. Will Andi see her future with this “old soul?” Who knows? At least he gets a rose in the present day though.

Tension in the Mansion: Ron gets news that a close friend passed away. He needs to go home. Later, Josh and J.J. confront Andrew about how he bragged about getting the phone number of a restaurant hostess. The conversation is completely one-sided. Andrew simply doesn’t want to talk about it. He may not be there for the right reasons. Andrew denies bragging about getting the number in front of a larger group. He realizes that any chance of a bro-mance is dead.

The Rose Ceremony: Nick V, Josh and J.J. are safe from their dates. Here’s a full list of those who received a rose from Andi in Week 3:








Josh M.



Nick V.



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