S10 E04 Connecticut

06/02/14 | TV-14 | CC

Weekday in New England: Dylan and Andi spend a day taking a nostalgic steam train through the breathtaking New England countryside. Dylan reveals his heartbreaking family history. He knows this is something he needs to do to move on and have a real relationship. Andi’s feels so bad that someone had to go through such a devastating past. She gives Dylan a rose, but not out of pity. It’s because she’s so honored that someone would open up to her in such a raw, honest way.

Hoops, There It Is: Eleven men are eager to show off their basketball skills when they arrive at the Mohegan Sun arena, until Andi explains that they will compete against some of the WNBA’s best, as in superstars Swin Cash, Tamika Catchings, Elena Delle Donne, Lindsey Harding and Nneka Ogwumike. This is no slam dunk for Andi’s suitors, so Andi changes it up and has the bachelors divide into two teams to battle one another.

Winners Have Privileges: The winning team, the Rosebuds, attend an after party. Andi feels like things have stalled with Eric, who opens up about his brothers and sisters. His family means everything to him even though he left the Mormon Church. Andi feels thing are back on track with Eric after their chat. But at the end of the date, Brian gets the rose. He hit a sweet half-court shot that truly impressed Andi, but totally dropped the ball when he missed the signal she was sending to kiss her.

Down Time: Marcus receives the final date card for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Andi decides that she needs to face her fear of heights and picks this athletic bachelor to accompany her in a heart-stopping rappelling descent 30 floors down the side of the Mohegan Sun in 50 mile per hour winds. The couple ends the evening with a romantic dinner and country singer-song writer Jon Pardi serenading them. And Marcus ends the evening with a rose.

The Cocktail Party: Before the cocktail party, Andi receives a love letter from a secret admirer. After a serious discussion with Eric, Andi has a tearful breakdown and addresses all her suitors about her intentions and whether they are there for the right reasons, leaving them stunned and speechless.

The Rose Ceremony: Chris Harrison lets us know that after watching the last scene with Eric, who tragically passed away after filming, that it didn’t feel right to show the Rose Ceremony. Instead, he and Andi reminisce about their memories of Eric. As for the Rose Ceremony that wasn’t shown, Andi said goodbye to Tasos. Here is a list of the remaining men:







Josh M.



Nick V.


These 11 men will travel with Andi to Europe, starting in Marseilles, France.

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