S10 E06 Marseille, France

06/16/14 | TV-14 | CC

France Romance: Picturesque Marseille in southern France is the romantic backdrop for the start of Andi’s international quest to find her true love. Josh is the lucky guy to get the first one-on-one date exploring this beautiful coastal city with her. Andi is skeptical about whether Josh is too good to be true. Is there more to this relationship than just physical chemistry?

Not Just a Jock: Andi and Josh the day browsing through local shops, picking up the makings for a romantic picnic. They board a private luxury sailboat and head for the Calanques, a chain of breathtaking rocky islands off the coast of France. Later, the two are at the Palais Longchamp where Josh feels he’s just had the best date of his life. He shows that he’s much more than just a jock and gets a rose. Andi has one more surprise for Josh: a private concert by singer-songwriter Ben Fields.

Mime’s the Word: “No talking aloud” is the rule of the day when Andi takes nine men to a professional mime for coaching on his silent art. Then, the bachelors test their skills with the French public. As usual, the guys try their best, but the crowd is pretty much terrified by these silent foreigners. Everyone has a positive attitude about the experience except for Nick. Fortunately, he’s a mime, so no one has to hear him gripe.

Nick’s Knack for Bragging: At the after-party, Nick is confronted about his overly-confident bragging about being the “frontrunner.” Andi can feel the tension in the room. She tries to get some info from Chris, who is reluctant to dish too much. Cody isn’t though. He tells Nick that he doesn’t appreciate being mocked. Andi is impressed that Nick admits to what she’s heard, but wonders if she’s being manipulated. That doesn’t stop her from giving him a kiss after he reads her a sweet note.

Confrontations Galore: Marquel calls out Andrew, who he believes has made some reprehensible comments about him. It’s been eating at him. Andrew vehemently denies ever saying anything offensive. He later clues in Andi as to the claims that were made about him. He feels that what’s happening may be affecting his ability to form a relationship. As for Andi, she gives the rose to JJ, who was the one guy who made her feel special on this particular group date.

The Life of Brian: Andi’s last one-on-one date is with Brian, who needs to prove he can make the first move. The couple attends an advanced private screening of the new DreamWorks Pictures, “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” in theaters August 8. Our two potential soul mates, inspired by the movie, shop for ingredients for a romantic dinner at a French market. Back in Andi’s flat, the date boils over when Brian lands a passionate kiss on Andi. The game has changed for him, and he’s rewarded with a rose.

The Rose Ceremony: Andi has a chat with Chris Harrison before a cocktail party that never happens. Andi doesn’t need one. She knows which three guys she wants to send home. Here’s the full list of men who receive a rose:






Josh M.


Nick V.

That means Andrew, Marquel and Patrick are headed home. The remaining eight men are left to journey with Andi to one of the most romantic cities in the world—Venice, Italy!

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