S10 E07 Venice, Italy

06/23/14 | TV-14 | CC

Love, Italian Style: One of the most romantic countries in the world, Italy, plays host to Andi and the eight remaining men. It’s getting down to crunch time as there are only two weeks left before the hometown dates. Andi needs to make some tough decisions and some of the men who thought they were frontrunners suddenly feel like they are on thin ice.

Trying Nick out for Sighs: Andi pulls her first surprise on the streets of Venice, starting her first one-on-one date immediately with Nick. The shocked suitor needs to convince Andi that he is not the arrogant man that the other bachelors say he is. The date is the very essence of romance with the couple strolling along the fabled city hand-in-hand, taking a gondola ride along the waterways, touring Venice’s historic sites, including St. Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs.

The Masks Come Off: That night, Andi, dressed in a stunning full-length gown and wearing an elegant mask, meets Nick outside the Palace Ca Zenobio, a palace where royalty would hold grand masquerade balls. But the beautiful surroundings don’t stop Andi from addressing her date’s unattractive attitude and behavior on group dates and his cocky reputation in the house. She likes what he has to say. That’s why Nick gets an invitation to a masquerade ball as well as a rose.

Have Fun Storming the Castle, Boys: The Bachelorette takes six excited bachelors to the quaint town of Monselice, where they soak up the local culture. When they arrive at a medieval castle where prisoners were interrogated, Andi reveals that all the men will be taking lie detector tests. Andi finds out that a few of her bachelors are not telling the truth. Nevertheless, she rips up the results. She wants to figure out who is here for the right reasons in the most authentic way possible.

Secret Admirer Exposed: At the group date after party, Marcus shocks Andi with a surprise revelation that he wanted to leave at one point while Josh confronts her about his dislike for taking the lie detector test. It causes a huge cloud of doubt for her. Finally, the Bachelorette’s secret admirer is exposed. Andi knew it had to be Chris due to his sentimental side. She gives him the group date rose.  

Where for Art Thou, Cody: After a long wait, Cody finally gets his one-on-one date with Andi. The couple arrives in Verona, the home of “Romeo and Juliet.” There, they head to the Juliet Club, a group of volunteers, who answer thousands of letters addressed to “Juliet.” They read and respond to love letters from the lovelorn. That night at a candle-lit dinner Andi is overwhelmed by his passionate appeal to continue their journey, but she still can’t give him a rose. Andi tearfully says goodbye.

The Cocktail Party: The other guys in the room are ticked when Nick steals the Bachelorette away immediately. Andi doesn’t mind though. Chris flat-out tells Nick that he made an arrogant move by taking her away first.

The Rose Ceremony: Here’s the full list of men who receive a rose:




Josh M.


Nick V.

That means JJ is heading home. The remaining six men are will be accompanying Andi to Brussels as they continue on this romantic journey.

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