S10 E08 Belgium

06/30/14 | TV-14 | CC

The drama of Italy is behind Andi, but she still must determine which four men will have the chance to take her home to meet their families.

Reconnecting with Marcus: Andi feels the need to reconnect with Marcus. She decides to sample the best Brussels has to offer with him. The couple tastes everything from mussels to Belgian waffles as this earnest bachelor continues to profess his love to her. Over dinner at the spectacular Palais de Academies, Marcus shares details of his painful childhood. Andi is touched by his willingness to talk about such a private memories. There is romance in the air as things heat up after dinner with some long kisses. But will this all add up to a hometown date?

Tricky Nick: Nick has no interest in hearing Marcus dish about his date. He leaves the group to bluff his way into Andi’s hotel. Nick whisks her away for some late night private time to an outdoor café under the stars.

What’s the Deal with Josh?: Andi’s next one-on-one date is with Josh in the quaint town of Ghent. The two stroll hand-in-hand past historic landmarks and through the beautiful countryside. After exploring Ghent and lighting candles at St. Baafs Cathedral, the couple arrives at the magnificent Castle of the Counts. This is where Josh finally reveals that he is falling in love. The couple is treated to an outdoor concert by popular country duo American Young to end the magical night, but will Andi be able to give Josh a hometown date?

The Final Group Date of the Season: Four men meet Andi at Les Ruines de Montaigle where, despite the mounting tension between the bachelors, the group has fun jumping on a rail bike built for four and peddling their way to a monastery, Maredsous Abbaye. Andi explains that out of respect for the monks who live there, there can’t be any outward signs of affection or kissing on sacred ground. Brian makes an uncharacteristically bold move to tell Andi how he feels about her. Another bachelor, Chris, leads her to a pottery room, outside the monastery walls, where the two re-enact a passionate scene from Ghost.

A Bold Move: Once Andi gives out the group date rose, she explains that she will spend the rest of the romantic evening with that lucky guy. The rest of the men must return to the hotel. Nick gets the honors. The unfortunate other three can barely contain their anger and disappointment. Andi and her date have a romantic dinner in the waterfront town of Dinant. Fireworks cap off the night, but when Nick returns from his date, another kind of explosion greets him.

Attacking Nick: When Nick arrives back at the hotel, one of the most contentious confrontations of the season erupts between him and the rest of the men. Lots of verbal venom is unleashed. Nick takes offense when he’s accused of being strategic as opposed to genuine. Nevertheless, his confidence that he’s going to end up with Andi is as unwavering as ever.

The Rose Ceremony: The six men arrive at Chateau de la Hulpe. Everyone is hoping for one last chance to prove to Andi that she needs to come home to meet their families. Her heartbreaking decision is a complete shock to the two bachelors she sends home. Here’s the full list of men who receive a rose:


Josh M.


Nick V.

That means Brian and Dylan are headed home. The four very happy remaining men will return to the States to introduce Andi to their families.

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