S11 E10 Week 9: Overnight Dates & Meeting the Families

07/13/15 | TV-14 | CC


Kaitlyn Bristowe’s truly bold and untraditional journey to find love on The Bachelorette is rapidly coming to a dramatic end. The field is now down to the final three men –-- Ben H, Nick and Shawn -- all hoping for the chance to capture her heart. After Kaitlyn has her first intimate overnight date with Nick, Shawn cannot control his jealousy and continues to have a heated argument with his arch enemy. Ben H and Kaitlyn tour the Irish countryside on horseback, and he confesses his love for the Bachelorette. Then, Shawn goes on the final overnight date of the season. It’s romantic and sexy until Kaitlyn confronts him about the running argument he is having with Nick. The two suitors continue to clash, adding to the tension surrounding Kaitlyn’s decision about whose families she will meet. The Bachelorette travels to Utah, where the final two men’s families are skeptical and worried that their men will be hurt in this quest for love. How will Kaitlyn choose between the two bachelors who are in love with her? Is her judgment clouded by the importance of her decision?

Nick and Shawn continue to accuse each other of being there for the wrong reasons. But that doesn’t put a damper on Kaitlyn’s date with handsome Ben H. The couple takes a leisurely horseback ride through the beautiful Galway countryside. This easy-going man is a stark contrasts to her dramatic other two suitors. The two find an historic castle and settle in the grass for a romantic picnic. Ben H makes sure that Kaitlyn understands that he is in love with her -- she is the perfect woman for him. They meet at the same 19th century castle for a cozy fireside dinner. Will the two share the fantasy suite? Will Ben prove to be the knight in shining armor that Kaitlyn has been looking for?

Finally, Shawn and Kaitlyn start the final overnight date at the Lough Erne Resort golf course. The Bachelorette is hoping to get this relationship back on track with some light-hearted fun. Their power run through the course not only brings laughs, but one shocking sexy interlude. At a romantic dinner at Florence Court in Enniskillen, Kaitlyn decides to question Shawn about his intense dislike for Nick. Will this blunt conversation dampen the mood and squelch the invitation to the fantasy suite?

At the end of a pressure-packed rose ceremony, Kaitlyn sends one broken-hearted man back to the States, and she and the other two men make their way to the Montage Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, where she will meet their families. Kaitlyn must overcome skeptical parents and more shocking revelations. Her emotions for both men are deep, but how can she choose between two men who are deeply in love with her? Does she love them both?

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