S11 E02 Season Premiere, Part 2: The New Bachelorette

05/19/15 | TV-14 | CC

The Season Premiere of The Bachelorette set up a lot of drama -- you've got your typical Which-Contestants-Are-Going-Home drama, but this season added the twist of Which-Bachelorette-Will-We-Even-Be-Watching-All-Season? drama, which is new and, frankly, pretty exciting (if relatively painful and awkward for the ladies). Thankfully for us viewers, Part 2 of the two-night premiere event settled the Bachelorette portion of the drama incredibly quickly.

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Chris Harrison led off the show by approaching the two women to reveal the results of the vote to the two Bachelorettes. It's all-or-nothing: The loser goes home, the winner becomes the new Bachlelorette. 

The new Bachelorette is Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Britt Nilsson shed some tears, but overall she maintained perspective on her search for love -- which may or may not even take that long (more on that below).

After some proper celebration time, Kaitlyn got to work getting to know all the guys. She also handed out the First Impression Rose to Shawn B, who got a few smooches as part of the package, but even that wasn't even her first kiss of the season -- that honor went to Chris "Cupcake" a few minutes earlier.

The Rose Ceremony was soon upon them, but not before Brady interrupted to pull Kaitlyn aside and telling her that he was leaving the show to follow Britt, so Britt might find love just yet via this season of The Bachelorette.

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