S11 E03 Week 2: Boxing with Laila Ali, Stand-Up Comedy with Amy Schumer

05/25/15 | TV-14 | CC

This week, the contestants have to literally fight for Kaitlyn Bristowe's affection in a boxing tournament on The Bachelorette after some tutelage from boxing champ Laila Ali. The Boxing Tourney was the first group "date" (quotes seem deserved when left hooks to the jaw are involved). Some of the guys picked it up pretty fast, other guys went down pretty fast. Tony, for his part, found it rather repulsive that love was being turned into something violent.

These guys are definitely serious about winning Kaitlyn's affection any way they can, and the boxing tourney gets pretty serious really quickly. Jared had to be taken to the hospital after a particularly big punch from Ben Z.

Clint had a good week as well. His 1-on-1 date was an underwater photo shoot that started off a little awkwardly, but soon Kaitlyn was praising their connection and smooching him. 

Most women say a guy's sense of humor is incredibly important, and another group of guys were put to the test with a stand-up routine after getting help from hilarious comedian (and noted Bachelor/ette fan) Amy Schumer and her comedian pals Bridget Everett, Nikki Glaser, and Rachel Feinstein. 

Kaitlyn gave JJ the Group Date Rose at the end of this date. He was clearly emboldened by getting that rose -- after the bachelors decided to let the guys who didn't get a date this week talk to Kaitlyn first at the cocktail party, JJ grabbed her first for some 1-on-1 time. The guys felt that was selfish, and JJ agreed, but he wasn't sorry about it.

While pressing Kaitlyn for details on their connection, Kupah got into a little tiff with Kaitlyn before the Rose Ceremony. She wanted time to think about everything, but Kupah started loudly telling the guys all about their conversation. Kaitlyn didn't like the tone, and sent him hom on the spot. Kupah didn't like that, and caused a scene in front of the Bachelor Mansion on his way out. There was no Rose Ceremony, so we'll learn the consequences of Kupah's outburst in Week 3. 

Also: Britt Nilsson and Brady are dating! And it's insanely adorable!

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