S11 E04 Week 3: Sumo Wrestling, Sex Education, and Clint & JJ's Bromance

06/01/15 | TV-14 | CC

The drama continues as a disgruntled bachelor -- Kupah -- refuses to leave after Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe sends him home. Her well-meaning talk with the man goes awry, and after this unexpected confrontation, she decides to cut the cocktail party short and go directly to the rose ceremony. 

Six men learn that they will be taught the ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling by World Champion sumo wrestlers Biyamba and Yama, and Kaitlyn is there just in time to catch her guys wearing sumo belts, the traditional garb that barely covers their “package.” But Tony is upset about this choice of sport -- he feels that between this and boxing, the fight for Kaitlyn's heart has become a bit too literal. Will he decide to sit this one out? Will his attitude spoil the fun or will Kaitlyn be able to reason with him and get him back in the fold? At the after party, another man decides his expectations aren’t being met. And a frontrunner wants to make sure that the Bachelorette knows that he has never fallen so quickly for someone. Who will have earned the date rose?

Ben Z and Kaitlyn arrive at a strange building in the middle of nowhere. The couple’s relationship will be put to a tough test -- together they must overcome terrifying obstacles to gather enough clues to attempt to exit the “Escape Room.” Will this handsome bachelor save the day or will Kaitlyn’s worst fears become reality?

But the couple’s horror-filled nightmare is nothing compared to the six lucky men who find Kaitlyn waiting at an elementary school where she reveals they will be substitute teachers for the day. However, these eager students are waiting for the men to give them the lowdown on “where babies come from.” Ben H is a standout in class explaining reproduction and love, catches Kaitlyn’s eye, but will he get an “A” and a rose?

Back at the mansion, there is a budding romance, but it is not between Kaitlyn and any of her suitors. Two men are locked in a bro-mance -- Clint and JJ. Kaitlyn makes it clear at the cocktail party that she took a step back with certain bachelors this week and, with rumors flying of a division in the house, she needs to make sure that everyone is there for the right reasons. Will one man convince Kaitlyn to give him a second chance? And what will the repercussions be from the other men?

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