S11 E05 Week 4: New York City - Rap Battle with Doug E. Fresh, Aladdin on Broadway

06/08/15 | TV-14 | CC
A rap battle group date with hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh, a bachelor Broadway competition, featuring Disney’s Aladdin, the Tony-winning hit Broadway musical, and a spectacular date at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gives Kaitlyn Bristowe a new spring in her step. However, when a new suitor suddenly turns up hoping to convince Kaitlyn to include him in her search for love, her world is turned upside down, during Week 4 of The Bachelorette.
The episode picks up right where last week left off -- Clint may think he sweet talked Kaitlyn into giving him a rose, but after the other contestants complain to her about his devious behavior, the Bachelorette decides to confront him. This sets off a combustible chain reaction, shocking Clint and the other bachelors – but it’s JJ’s response that makes the mansion explode.
Once that drama is settled, the remaining men will begin their world tour to find love -- in New York City. Eight fortunate men will join the Bachelorette at Stage Forty 8 where they meet rap legend Doug E. Fresh. The hip-hop icon tells the guys that they will be writing and performing their own raps in a rap battle contest to win Kaitlyn’s heart in front of a packed audience. With Doug E. Fresh’s help, they try their best to simultaneously insult one another and impress the Bachelorette. One man, who is in the doghouse, takes things a bit too far, resulting in the crowd booing him.
Then in a total surprise, Kaitlyn runs into Nick Viall, with whom she had a prior social media relationship. She is stunned when he proposes that they build on that initial connection. Kaitlyn is unsure of her next move. When she joins the other men at the cocktail party on a cruise boat, they are excited and eager to talk to her. However, she immediately informs them about the possibility of another admirer joining the group. Naturally, the men are not thrilled -- especially when they discover who it is.
Meanwhile, one lucky man is getting transformed into a dashing man about town -- complete with a new tux -- for a surprise one-on-one date. Kaitlyn gets her own makeover, as Ashley Salter from Chris Soules’ Bachelor season, not only gives her an elegant hair style, but cautions her about Nick and whether he has serious intentions.
When Kaitlyn’s dapper date arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he finds Kaitlyn at the top of the stairs, exquisite in a shimmering black gown and draped in diamonds. The couple has the museum all to themselves and takes a romantic stroll through the exhibits, ending with The Temple of Dendur, where they have an intimate dinner and get to know one another. Then to top off the evening, a private helicopter swoops in and whisks them away for a breathtaking tour of New York City.
Kaitlyn decides that she wants to allow the controversial bachelor to join the group, and informs the other men of her decision. Then it’s off to the New Amsterdam Theatre, where Kaitlyn reveals that the five men with her will be auditioning for a role in Disney’s Aladdin, the Tony-winning hit Broadway musical. The bachelor who is cast will be performing with Kaitlyn in that night’s sold out show. The men are put through what would be a typically grueling audition process, trying to impress Aladdin’s associate director and stars Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed to land the role and the woman. The four other men, who are not cast, will be sent back to the hotel, devastated.
That night, Kaitlyn and the fortunate bachelor anxiously wait for their cue off stage. After the couple makes their Broadway debut, they make their way into the hustle and bustle of Times Square where Kaitlyn has one more surprise for her man of the hour. The two shoot to the top of 1 Times Square to see the New Year’s Eve Ball. No countdown is necessary for the couple as they spark their own electricity to light up the night.
Back at the hotel, the rest of the guys are dreading Nick’s arrival. What will be the fallout from this bombshell confrontation?
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