S11 E06 Week 5: San Antonio, TX - Dance Contest, Mariachi, River Walk Kayaking

06/15/15 | TV-14 | CC

Nick must endure a no-holds-barred interrogation by the other contestants vying for Kaitlyn’s attention before they allow him to join the group. Kaitlyn’s worst nightmare comes true at the cocktail party at New York Mets’ Citi Field. Did she make a mistake letting Nick stay? Three men depart at a difficult rose ceremony, leaving 12 men to travel to San Antonio. A Texas two-step competition gets wild for Kaitlyn and one lucky guy who need to strut their stuff in front of a rowdy crowd. Ten bachelors are surprised by a charming 13-year-old superstar Mariachi singer and his band. They will need to write and perform their own songs and serenade Kaitlyn. A special one-on-one date takes the Bachelorette and her date kayaking along the famed River Walk, but the night portion of their romantic tryst turns very emotional. Finally, another explosive showdown is in store on Week 5 of The Bachelorette.

Nick is grilled by the other men, who question his real reasons for coming to New York. Is he really here for Kaitlyn Bristowe or for an extended 15 minutes of fame? Now, when the next cocktail party takes place at Mets’ Citi Field in Queens, New York, the Bachelorette hopes that the bachelors will accept the new addition, but one of the frontrunners makes it clear he is not happy. As several more suitors question her intentions, it is overwhelming. Should she send Nick home or follow her heart?

After the rose ceremony, the remaining men travel to San Antonio. Kaitlyn surprises one bachelor with a day of fun and fancy footwork. The couple spends the day with a professional dance coach, who teaches them the Texas two-step for a competition that night before a raucous audience and judges. Later, a cinematic sunset is the backdrop for the two to get closer. The man stuns Kaitlyn with a heartbreaking story about a past relationship gone wrong. Will that affect whether he gets a rose?

The next day, ten men are treated to a visit by Sebastian De La Cruz, a delightful 13-year-old Mariachi superstar, and his band El Charro De Oro. A bunch of nervous bachelors try their hand at writing their own Mariachi songs and performing them in front of a cheering crowd. One man’s badly sung love ballad captures Kaitlyn’s heart. But the after party mood is soured when the bachelors continue to harass her about why Nick is still there.

One last one-on-one date for the week involves a sincere man who spends the day kayaking with the Bachelorette and tries to make her feel better about her shaky situation with some of the men. But in a moving exchange, he opens up to Kaitlyn about a life-changing event and his already whirlwind feelings for her.

The dramatic cocktail parties continue. Kaitlyn explains to the men that honesty and trust are the most important values to her after this week’s group date. One outspoken bachelor takes her very seriously and ventures into dangerous waters. The gloves come off when he confronts the Bachelorette about what her real objectives and ambitions are. Will he cross the line or get a rose for his candor?

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