S11 E09 Week 8: Overnight Dates Begin

07/06/15 | TV-14 | CC

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s dreams of finding true love may be unraveling after saying a crushing goodbye to one of her favorite bachelors, Chris. Are her past mistakes starting to catch up with her, jeopardizing her relationships with the other men? There also is the impending decision about which men she will take on overnight dates. Just before the most important rose ceremony of the season, Kaitlyn pulls another surprise, but emotions and tensions are running high -- she doubts her decisions and relationships for the first time. As the Bachelorette embarks on her first overnight date, her optimism returns -- but two of the men face-off in an explosive confrontation that threatens to derail Kaitlyn’s happy ending.

Kaitlyn and Ben H row out to historic Innisfallen Island. He attempts to cheer her up with a romantic game of hide-and-seek among the seventh century ruins of Innisfallen Abbey and assures her he will never give up on her. Later that night, though, he shares one of his greatest fears and it is Kaitlyn’s turn to comfort and support him. But he is completely caught off guard when the Bachelorette asks him an embarrassing personal question.

Joe, Nick and Shawn accompany Kaitlyn on a group date to Killarney National Park. There are unexpected fireworks on this date that has a rose at stake. A shaken Bachelorette elects to tackle another crucial situation, with devastating results.

At the rose ceremony, the remaining bachelors wait to see who will be included in the final three. One man, who is offered a rose, surprisingly asks to speak to Kaitlyn in private. Her struggles have her questioning whether she might end up alone at the end of her journey.

Kaitlyn’s first overnight date with one of the smitten bachelors takes them to the charming town of Cork, Ireland. One of the locals shares that the secret to a long marriage is “trust,” which resonates with the couple. But the drama of this season continues to mount as this man reveals something scandalous about one of the other bachelors. How will Kaitlyn react?

But this bachelor’s bliss is cut short. The next day, he is caught in a huge feud with one of the other men and there is no way of telling how these hostilities will be resolved or how they will affect Kaitlyn.

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