S12 E02 Week 2: ESPN's BachelorNation

05/30/16 | TV-14 | CC

This season gets off to a sizzling start when a limo pulls up in front of the mansion and bursts into flames. The shocked men wonder where JoJo is until they see her pull up on a fire truck decked out in sexy firefighter gear. She invites ten of the guys to join her at a firefighting training facility where the men go through boot camp-like drills. But the heat and heavy gear prove to be too much for Wells, who nearly passes out. In the end Luke, Grant and, surprisingly, Wells are left. Their final challenge is to rescue JoJo from a burning tower. The winner gets to spend extra alone time with her. Who's the lucky bachelor? Grant!

Later at group date after party, the competition continues as the guys all try and get precious alone time with JoJo and get the group date rose. In the end, she surprises everyone when she hands out the rose to Wells.

Derek is the fortunate man who JoJo whisks away for the first one-on-one date of the season. In choosing their own adventure, they decide on having a romantic picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. JoJo is impressed by Derek, but he struggles to open up to her about his past heartache. Will JoJo's honesty about her past help break down his walls? It must, because our Bachelorette offers Derek a rose at the end of their unforgettable date.

Next up? Another group date. ESPN's "SportsNation" and popular co-hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley welcome six excited bachelors. They promise to help JoJo find her soulmate and extract the guys who are here for the wrong reasons. The men participate in a series of challenges, including best touchdown dance and most romantic marriage proposal. However, Chad takes things too far and stuns everyone with how he talks to JoJo. But at the after party, Chad reveals his vulnerable side to the Bachelorette, sharing a heart breaking story with her. In the end, it's James Taylor who gets the group-date rose.

The drama is ramped up to an '11' at the cocktail party, as Chad continues to infuriate the other men by monopolizing JoJo's time. The guys all confront him, but it doesn't end as they plan. Can anyone stop Chad? Seventeen men remain and three broken-hearted suitors return home without a rose. Who are they? Keep reading to see the results of Week 2 on The Bachelorette!

Received a Rose/Continuing On







Derek (one-on-one date rose)



James F.

James T. (group date rose)



Nick B.



Wells (group date rose)

Did Not Receive a Rose/Eliminated


James S.


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