S12 E05 Week 4: Uruguay

06/20/16 | TV-14 | CC

Just as the remaining 13 men are celebrating Chad's departure, the bachelor that viewers love to hate makes a surprise return to the house for another combative confrontation. Chad finally leaves, but the competition between the guys who already have roses and those who don't ramps up. Daniel and James F. unfortunately do not make it through the night's rose ceremony. For the remaining 11 bachelors, it's on to Uruguay!

Jordan scores the first one-on-one date, which doesn't make any of the guys in the house happy.  He boards a luxury yacht with JoJo and the two get to dive into choppy waters with hundreds of delightful seals. Unfortunately, the lovely day is spoiled as JoJo must confront Jordan about rumors she has heard about his past girlfriends. Can she trust him?

Later, JoJo must tackle her own slur in the media, as she reads a shocking story calling into question her character from her ex. After heartache and tears, she is able to convince the men that the accusations are wrong and she really is here for love.

The next day, JoJo meets nine excited bachelors on the sand dunes of Uruguay for a fun day of sand surfing. But the exhilarating outing is cut short by a torrential rainstorm. Derek ends up getting the group-date rose, leaving the other guys jaded. They think it was a "pity" rose.

The second one-on-one date goes to Robby. He and JoJo dive into the local culture on their one-on-one date – then dive off a cliff together.  Later, Robby admits to JoJo that he's fallen in love with her.

No cocktail hour this week means no more alone time with JoJo before the rose ceremony. The decisions get tougher and weigh heavier on her, but three men leave with one distraught bachelor in tears. JoJo is moving closer to finding the love of her life as the group readies to move on to the vibrant, cosmopolitan capitol of Argentina: Buenos Aires. Keep reading to see who stayed this week…and who was sent home broken hearted.

Received a Rose/Continuing On



Derek (group date rose)

James T.

Jordan (one-on-one date rose)


Robby (one-on-one date rose)


Did Not Receive a Rose/Eliminated




James F.


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