S12 E06 Week 5: Buenos Aires

06/27/16 | TV-14 | CC

JoJo gives Wells the first date this week, hoping to give their relationship a chance to blossom. The other guys soon find out that Wells has yet to kiss JoJo. Will the one-on-one be the perfect chance for Wells to catch up? After a romantic stroll through the city's parks and markets, the tempo and temperature of the date goes way up as the pair join in the energetic sexy spectacle that is "Fuerza Bruta," an involving, interactive performance art event. It's there that Wells finally makes the move and kisses JoJo. Unfortunately, it's not the beginning of a beautiful relationship. JoJo doesn't offer Wells a rose at the end of the one-on-one and he is sent home.

A group date with James T., Alex, Jordan, Robby and Luke starts off as a day to enjoy the local sights and sounds of La Boca – even an impromptu game of street soccer – but James is feeling the pressure and is overwhelmed by some of the frontrunners. Later, he tells JoJo that there is another side to Jordan that she isn't seeing, which leads to JoJo confronting Jordan. In the end, Luke gets the group-date rose.

Once again, there is a dramatic two-on-date, this time between Chase and Derek, two of JoJo's favorites. The two men face off in an awkward day of tango dancing. Chase struggles to find a love connection with the Bachelorette while Derek is very confident. Which man will get the rose and a romantic dance with JoJo while being serenaded by famous South American singer Soledad Pastorutti? The answer is Chase, which means Derek is sent home in tears.

After another tough week, JoJo tries to enjoy her time with the men at the cocktail party. A tense rose ceremony gets a surprise ending. One rose remains, but both Alex and James T. are still standing before her. JoJo decides she doesn't want to eliminate either the men before her and asks Chris Harrison for another rose to hand out.

Received a Rose/Continuing On


Chase (two-on-one date rose)

James T.


Luke (group date rose)


Did Not Receive a Rose/Eliminated



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