S12 E09 Week 8: Thailand

07/25/16 | TV-14 | CC

A startling finish to the rose ceremony after the hometown dates leaves three men to be swept away for more romantic adventures in the exotic country of Thailand. Those men are Robby, Chase and Jordan, which means Luke is left heartbroken after JoJo doesn't offer him a rose.

In Thailand, JoJo takes Robby on stroll through an authentic floating market. The two try seafood dishes, immerse themselves in the culture and share an intense kiss during a rainstorm. JoJo is overwhelmed and remembers back to when Ben told her he loved her and then broke her heart. Can JoJo be certain this man won't leave her brokenhearted? Robby gives her an unusual memento to remind her of his promise of everlasting love, but will it be enough?

Her second date in Thailand finds JoJo hiking through one of their beautiful national parks with Jordan. They climb up a steep mountain, but are rewarded when they reach a stunning sacred temple hidden in a mystical cave. They discuss their possible future together and the delightful hometown visit they shared. The couple is unable to kiss or be physical inside the hallowed cave. Is their relationship based on physical chemistry, or is there an emotional connection as well? That night after Jordan gives less than satisfying answers about what he envisions their future to be like, JoJo pressures him. He pours out his heart as he attempts to convince her about how serious he is about their relationship.

As JoJo heads into her final date with Chase, she has creeping sensation of déjà vu. She realizes she is in love with two men and possibly could also fall in love with the third. She takes a boat ride to a secluded beach with Chase. After discussing the amazing hometown experience they had, JoJo realizes how strong her feelings really are for this man. Unfortunately, her feelings for Robby and Jordan are stronger. In the fantasy suite, JoJo shocks Chase and sends him home before the rose ceremony in an effort to protect them both from further heartbreak.

Later, JoJo offers both Robby and Jordan her final two roses. They happily accept and look forward to meeting JoJo's family next week. Who will get the final rose? Will she end up with her happily ever after or remain single? Find out on Monday's season finale of The Bachelorette!

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