S9 E01 Season Premiere

05/27/13 | TV-14 | CC

Desiree is back! She had her heart broken by Sean Lowe, but now she’s the one calling the shots and handing out the roses. She’s embarking on another journey to find true love with an incredible group of bachelor boys vying to win her heart.

The Limos Arrive: Desiree looks as lovely as can be as the first of her men steps out of the limo. Drew says he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Brooks is excited and nervous to be there. Brad brings a wishbone for the two of them to break. Des gets the big end so Brooks hopes her wish comes true. After Bryden gives Desiree a hug, Michael looks for the penny Des through in the wishing well.

Hashtags and Abs: Kasey is in social media, so he gives Des a few fitting hashtags like “#ThePerfectBachelorette,” “#MarriageMaterial” and “#LetTheJourneyBegin.” Michael goes from high-five to hugs and nicknames Desiree “Athena.” Mikey T says he’s an older brother so he can relate to her family. Jonathan asks Desiree to join her in the fantasy suite right away. That’s not gonna happen. Zak W emerges from the limo shirtless to ask Des if she’ll accept these abs. James believes loyalty is love. Larry loves to dance and teaches Des some moves that ends with her dress getting tangled a bit. Oops!

Uh Oh, It’s Magic: Nick R impresses with a magic trick. Zack K steps out of the limo in a tux and sneakers. Diogo wants to be Desiree’s knight in shining armor… literally! He clanks his way over to give her a metallic hug. Chris gets down on one knee to propose… that he tie his shoe. Mike R does his best McDreamy impression while Robert rips off his tie right away. Juan Pablo is the first double-named bachelor of the evening. Des has a little trouble pronouncing both monikers.

Son of a Bachelor: Brandon arrives via motorcycle while Brian shows off his soft jacket. Speaking of jackets, Micah designed his own since Des looked so stunning in the dress she designed. Nick M comes armed with a poem he reads for the “right reasons.” Dan is very happy that Des is the Bachelorette. Then a cute little guy named Brody steps up to hand Desiree a flower. He’s Ben’s son. This single dad wanted Des to know who he’s talking about when he mentions his little best friend.

Let the Games Begin: Chris lets Desiree that she doesn’t have to wait for the Rose Ceremony if she feels like handing roses out right away. Nick R does his first magic trick of the night by making Desiree disappear with him for the first private chat of the night. It was a smooth move, but Desiree’s first real connection is with Ben. She feels like he’s husband material. That’s why he gets the first rose of the night. Guess his son was his secret weapon.

Dive! Dive!: Desiree is overwhelmed at how hard all the guys are trying to get her attention. Shirtless wonder Zak also loses his pants to take a dive in the pool. Kasey yells, “Hashtag Shrinkage!” Zak makes a big enough splash to get a rose. Too bad he doesn’t have a shirt to pin it onto. Bryden’s sweet conversation earns him the third rose of the evening. Desiree couldn’t pronounce Juan Pablo’s name, but she is able to play soccer with this guy she calls a “dream of a man.”

Fantasy to Nightmare: While other men get roses, Jonathan sets up a makeshift fantasy suite to let Desiree know that he has no filter. That much is obvious. He had plans to kiss Des on the lips, but that doesn’t happen. He doesn’t know why. After all, his mom thinks he’s good-looking. Jonathan pulls Desiree aside for a third time to try to again bring her into the fantasy suite. This makes the Bachelorette very uncomfortable. Desiree doesn’t wait for the Rose Ceremony to bid Jonathan adieu. This brings cheers from the other guys.

The Rose Ceremony: Among those who did not receive an invitation to stick around come Rose Ceremony time are Larry the Dancer, Nick the Magician and Diogo the Knight. Others will also fall in the upcoming weeks as Desiree does her best to find the man of her dreams.

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