S9 E05 Episode 5

06/24/13 | TV-14 | CC

Des and her men are in Munich, Germany. Time to strap on the lederhosen!

One-On-One Plus One: Chris scores the first international one-on-one date as he and Desiree hit the streets Munich. They taste real German food, try on real German clothes and do a real German dance. What they don’t know is that unhappy American Bryden is roaming the German streets looking for them. He needs to tell Desiree that he doesn’t see a future for them. Bryden steals Des away to tell her that he needs to go home. He believes he made the right decision. As for Des, she just wants to get back to her date with Chris so she can feel happy again.

Rebound Date: Chris lets Desiree know that he’s in this thing to the end. They toast with some big mugs of lagers. They have a romantic dinner in a beautiful German palace. They chat about how they are both glad they had each other when the whole Bryden thing went down. Chris reads some verse that he wrote up on the plane. Desiree believes this guy has shown him what a true man is, as he brought her back to her high spirits. That’s why Des gives him a kiss and a rose. They then share dance as they enjoy a private concert with Matt White.

Snow Day: Juan Pablo, James, Kasey, Zak, Brooks, Drew and Mikey are picked for the group date in the snow. Des and her men take an elevated gondola ride to the highest peak in the land. They meet up with a man who shows some of the guys how to yodel. The group daters then take a seriously cool sled ride down the mountain. They end up in what can only be described as an ice mansion. Desiree lets the guys know that if any of them feel like Bryden, they should let her know sooner rather than later.

Hot and Cold: Brooks and Desiree warm up with a nice kiss during their private chat. Mikey uses his time to make a family of mini-snowmen with Desiree. Their time is interrupted by a yodeling Zak calling Des over to him. He admits that at one point he thought about becoming a priest. Brooks spies on Desiree’s time with James, who he believes is two-faced. At the end of the date, Des gives the rose to Brooks because she feels he brings out the best in her.

Awkward Conversation: Michael and Ben are chosen for the 2-on-1 date. It’s awkward from the get-go. Desiree knows these two guys don’t get along. They hop into a floating hot tub (call it a “hot-tug”) that they navigate around an icy lake. Michael does his best to expose Ben as a fraud. Desiree is very uncomfortable. Michael pushes even harder at dinner wondering why this supposedly good Christian man didn’t attend Easter mass or even call his son that day. This has a furious Ben leaving the room and Desiree questioning why Michael pushed so hard. She’s thinking about letting both of them go home.

Shocking Departure: Desiree steps outside to check on Ben, who has never had anyone question his faith or his role as a father. Ben says the reason he hasn’t talked to his son all that much is because the kid asks when he’s coming home every time he calls. As for Michael, he tries to explain his motivation for going at Ben so hard. When it comes time to hand out the rose, Desiree shockingly hands it to Michael. Ben is stunned. On the limo ride away, he wonders how long he has to wait before he can be seen in public with someone else.

The Rose Ceremony: Some of the guys chat about a conversation that was overheard with James saying that he’s looking at this adventure to be a stepping stone to greater things—like becoming the next Bachelor. It sounds like he may not be there for the right reasons. As for Des, she feels as though she doesn’t need to have a cocktail party. She’s already made up her mind. Bryden and Ben have already gone home while Chris, Brooks and Michael are safe. Here’s a list of all the men receiving a rose from Desiree:





Juan Pablo



Zak W

That means Mikey is headed out the door. He doesn’t understand why Des didn’t want to get to know him more. She’ll never know the person she missed out on. As for Des and the rest of her men, they are off to Barcelona where some of the men call out James. Who will Des believe?

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