S9 E08 Episode 8

07/15/13 | TV-14 | CC

It’s time for the hometown dates!

There’s No Business Like Sno-Business: The Bachelorette heads down to cowboy country in Dallas to meet Zak’s family. But first, it’s time for some frozen fun. Zak drives up in a big Sno-Cone truck! He and Desiree serve up cool treats to a group of kids getting them all sugared-up for their parents. Zak even dons a giant penguin suit. Des gives this cool character a swift kiss on the bill.

Why Don’t You Give Me a Ring Sometime: Desiree is immediately impressed by the energy and enthusiasm Zak’s family shows while greeting her. Mom wants Des to give her one of the roses on the dining room table right away so they can get this thing over with. The time comes for a serenade. Zak’s sister and brother sing the song Zak wrote as he strums away on the guitar. The tune touches Desiree’s heart. Zak has been holding something back since Atlantic City. It’s a ring to symbolize the moment he knew he was falling in love with her.

Brother/Sister Bond: Desiree heads to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Drew’s family. This will be the first time Drew’s dad will ever have been in his mom’s house. They are divorced, but on good terms. Drew introduces Desiree to his severely-handicapped sister, Melissa. She can’t communicate with others, but you can tell what kind of mood she’s in. Melissa is obviously happy to see her brother. Des, too. The three of them head out to meet up with the rest of Drew’s huge family.

Touched by an Angel: Drew’s dad lets Desiree know that she’s just met an angel in Melissa. She’s the one person who has made such an impact on their family. Dad lets his son know that he thinks Desiree is gorgeous and real. If his son wants to marry this girl, he’ll throw a party. As for Desiree, she wants to join this family right now. Drew wants that, too. He tells Desiree that he loves her. The kisses they share tell him that she feels the same way.

Play Ball: McMinnville, Oregon is the town where Chris grew up. He shows Desiree the place where his dad taught him how to play baseball. The two of them take to the field to take some cuts at the plate. When the game is over, Des shows Chris some sketches she made symbolizing their time together. She drew up their first meeting when Chris got down on one knee to… tie his shoe.

Lumbar Support System: Chris knows his family has some weird quirks. Dad, George, is a chiropractor. He gives Des an adjustment that will hopefully promote clarity. Then it’s Chris’s turn to get a nose adjustment that will help him over the next few weeks. Clear sinuses mean a clear head. Chris’s family didn’t care for his last girlfriend, so the hope is that his overprotective mom will approve of Des. She does.

A Canoe Experience: Brooks grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a picnic in the park with Desiree as part of his figuring out how he feels about her. A list of all the special moments they’ve had on their journey helps them both recall the good times they’ve shared. They can add a romantic, comfortable canoe ride to those memories. Now it’s time to meet the family!

Group Hug: Desiree gets a giant group hug from one giant-sized family. The group is so big that they all have nametags. Serious chats ensue amongst the siblings, but it is mom’s approval that carries the most weight. She thinks that Des is looking at Brooks as being serious marriage material. Mom gives her approval. This has Brooks very excited for the future.

Oh, Brother: Desiree meets with her brother, Nate. He’s the guy who caused so many problems she introduced Sean to the family. Nate wants the truth from sis about who is her favorite. Desiree lays out all the good qualities of all the guys. Nate wants to meet the men so he can get into their heads. The reason he did what he did last time is because he knew what was happening with his sis was wrong. Turns out he was right.

The Rose Ceremony: Desiree’s brother still believes his sis may get her heart broken. Guess that’s why he’s seen lurking in the backdrop of the Rose Ceremony watching... waiting. As for the ceremony, here’s a list of the final three men receiving a rose from Desiree:




That means Zak is headed home. The other guys don’t think their pal ever saw this coming. Desiree hands back the ring Zak gave her. It’s an emotional goodbye. Zak wishes Des happiness before taking that lonely limo ride out of her life. He tosses the ring out the window along the way. And then there were three.

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