Catch up with Andi's Season

By Derek Wong | Jun 10th, 2014

Before Andi Dorfman and the men depart to Marseille, France for their first international dates, you should catch up with all of the budding love stories.  Andi has been on six one-on-one dates and three group dates that have included (click on any of the dates to watch the full episode): a performance with Boys II Men, a basketball game against WNBA stars, a male revue charity event, rapelling off of buildings, a beach and snow date, a steam train date, a glamorous day of horse racingdressing up as grandparents and watching a sunset on top of a mountain.  Don't forget to catch the first time Andi meets the Bachelors.


We have our favorite dates ranked below:
1) The Male Revue Charity Date - Who doesn't like it when people dance for charity?
2) The Boys II Men and Bachelor Performance - Some of the Bachelors need to remember the lyrics to the song.
3) Andi's Danger Date with Marcus - Marcus may have been the perfect Bachelor for the date
4) Chris and Andi's Day at the Horse Races - Who can forget the couple that asked them how long they've been together?
5) The Boys vs The WNBA Stars - The WNBA Stars ran circles around the Bachelors.

Andi and the Bachelors will travel to Marseille, France on Monday, June 16th 8|7c. Watch a sneak peek of Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfman in Marsille, France.