The Rose Forecast:The Bachelorette Travels to Munich

By ABC.com | Jun 18th, 2013
On Monday, June 24 8|7c, The Bachelorette crew travels to Munich. It's Desiree's first trip to Europe, and while the guys are hoping to make it a memorable experience, tensions are high as they realize someone among them isn't there for the right reasons after all.
Chris and Des spend a romantic day seeing the sights in Munich, but their one-on-one date is interrupted by one of the men, who just can't wait to share some news. What could be so important that he has to interrupt their date? Who do you think it is?

Plus, Desiree goes on the dreaded two-on-one date with enemies Michael and Ben, and things don't go smoothly. Which one do you think Des will send home? Can Michael overcome the connection she's had with Ben since that first night?
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