The Rose Forecast: Desiree's Hometown Visits

By ABC.com | Jul 9th, 2013
Monday, July 15 8|7c, will bring the episode of The Bachelorette we've all been waiting for: the hometown dates! Desiree has finally narrowed down her search to four guys, and it's time to meet their families. But Des's brother Nate, who caused trouble on her hometown date during Sean's season, is back. What does he have in store for Des's suitors this time?
After watching clips from the hometown visits, are there any clues as to who Des will send home next week? Do any of the dates seem to go better than the others?
And what about Des's revelation at the end of the last episode that she is in love with one of the men? Do the other guys still have a chance, or is her search already over?
Share your predictions in the comments! Click here to re-watch the Week 7 episode.