The Rose Forecast: And Then There Were 3...

By Micheline Goldstein | Jul 23rd, 2013
The two-part Bachelorette season finale event begins on Monday, July 29 at 8|7c with Desiree taking her final three guys, Brooks, Drew, and Chris, to the romantic Caribbean island of Antigua. 
The promo for The Finale: Part 1 starts off with beautiful shots of the lush tropical island and the romantic dates Desiree goes on with the guys. Everything seems wonderful, and it looks like Des will get her fairytale ending. But suddenly the tone changes, and a tearful Des tells Chris Harrison she just wants to go home.
"I've always loved the wrong people," she says in the voiceover.
While the promo hints at what might happen in the finale, can anything prepare us for what Chris Harrison calls "the most emotionally intense Bachelorette finale in the show's history?"
Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments. Watch The Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette to see what the guys Desiree sent home had to say!