The Rose Forecast: Week 9

By Patty Gopez | Jul 8th, 2015

The Week 8 episode of The Bachelorette whittled down Kaitlyn Bristowe's remaining bachelors to the final three: Ben H, Shawn B and Nick. While Kaitlyn and Ben's 1-on-1 date ramped up their relationship, the animosity between Shawn and Nick has grown even more hostile -- especially since she confessed to Shawn she slept with Nick in Ireland.

In the trailer below, Kaitlyn admits she can feel the hatred between the two bachelors and she doesn't want any part in that. In tears with Chris Harrison before the Rose Ceremony, she states that she knows what she needs to do, even though it breaks her heart to think about it. Will it be Shawn, Nick, or the drama-free Ben H?

Tune in MONDAY 8|7c to find out what happens next!