The Ballad of Clint and JJ: A Video Recap of Their Time on The Bachelorette

By Mike Krolak | Jun 10th, 2015

Clint and JJ became the best of friends on The Bachelorette. They did everything together, whether it was share a meal, or a hot tub, or a conversation about turtles. They shared advice with each other and did their best to keep each other on the show.

But after Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe felt like Clint wasn't giving her enough attention, and prepared to send him home, it put Clint and JJ's relationship to the test. A test that it failed, in a very spectacular manner. Here's the full story of Clint and JJ's relationship, in one tidy clip:

We'll miss Clint and we'll miss their relationship...but probably not as much as JJ will.

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