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The Chew celebrates and explores life through food, with a group of dynamic, engaging, fun, relatable co-hosts who serve up everything to do with food -- from cooking and home entertaining to food trends, restaurants, holidays and more -- all aimed at making life better, fuller and more fun.

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September 2017

    S6 Repeat: Build A Better BBQ

    It's a BBQ bonanza when Michael Symon creates the perfect Spice-Rubbed Smoked Chicken. Mario Batali and Carla Hall offer sides of Spicy Honey Dijon Coleslaw and Havarti and Horseradish Stovetop Mac and Cheese. Clinton Kelly completes the feast with Peach Cobbler with Raspberry Coulis.

    09/01/17Season 6PG
    S6 Repeat: Grilled Greats And Summer Plates

    Music superstar DJ Khaled ("Grateful") helps Michael Symon make Cedar Plank Jerk Chicken; Clinton Kelly cooks Sweet and Sour Eggplant Kebabs; Mario Batali takes "The Chew" on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of his four Las Vegas restaurants; Carla Hall shares her dairy-free secret to Banana Ice Cream with Grilled Pineapple.

    09/04/17Season 6PG
    S6 Season 7 Kick-off!

    The co-hosts give away a trip to EPCOT to see "The Chew"; the co-hosts reveal how they spent their summers and test out one of the season's hottest food trends. The WNBA Liberty dance troupe, The Timeless Torches, comprised of men and women over 40, busts a move with co-host Carla Hall!

    09/05/17Season 6PG
    S6 Chew It Yourself

    Harry Connick Jr. ("Harry") visits the kitchen and whips up delicious fun; Mario Batali and lifestyle expert Carter Oosterhouse teamed up in Michigan this summer to swap skills on vacation.

    09/06/17Season 6PG
    S6 Try Something New

    Sutton Foster ("Younger") joins Clinton Kelly to create a tempting dish and indulge in some Broadway-style fun; Michael Symon hits the waves in the Hamptons for a hilarious surfing lesson.

    09/07/17Season 6PG
    S6 Follow that Food

    Funny man Jim Gaffigan ("Noble Ape Tour") makes his "Chew" debut with Mario Batali; Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon learn Beekeeping 101 and make a honey-based item. Carla Hall makes an American favorite inspired by her summer road trip.

    09/08/17Season 6PG
    S6 Grocery Game Plan

    American Ballet Theater's Misty Copeland ("Ballerina Body") makes her "Chew" debut to talk about her new book. Carla Hall visits Clinton Kelly's Connecticut home for the first time ever and has an adventure of a lifetime.

    09/11/17Season 6PG
    S6 Back to Basics

    Felicity Huffman dishes in the kitchen with Michael Symon. Chris Harrison (ABC's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and "The Bachelor" franchise) teams with Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly for a C&C Food Factory segment, making an easy yet delicious meal. And Carla's adventure with Clinton in Connecticut continues!

    09/12/17Season 6PG
    S6 The Chew Lab

    Actor Adrian Grenier reveals his new campaign to protect sea life. "The Chew"'s culinary staffer, Jackie ("Sparkles"), tests out the latest food trend with Clinton Kelly.

    09/13/17Season 6PG
    S6 America's Most Wanted Meals

    Clinton Kelly takes Carla Hall blueberry-picking in Connecticut. The Chew visits the Trap Kitchen, a buzzed-about catering company in South Central, Los Angeles. They sent their tastemakers to "The Chew" to prepare a meal America will crave!

    09/14/17Season 6PG
    S6 What Chew Cookin'?

    Michael shops at the Farmer's Market and whips up a delectable "5-in-5" entree inspired by his fresh produce.

    09/15/17Season 6PG
    S6 Lunch Lessons

    Actress Olivia Munn talks about her newest project, "The Lego Ninjago Movie," and funny man Mike Epps fills Michael Symon in on his latest comedy tour. Mario Batali visits Aerofarms in Newark, New Jersey, changing the way the community and its schoolchildren think about food.

    09/18/17Season 6PG
    S6 Party in a Pinch

    NFL star and "DWTS" champ Donald Driver talks about his new book, "3-D Body Revolution." Chef Paul Kahan ("Cheers to the Publican") cooks up deliciousness with Mario Batali and Michael Symon. Carla Hall visits an amazing couple in Washington, D.C., who make dinner for local youth every week.

    09/19/17Season 6PG
    S6 The Chew's Stay-cation

    Movie star Justin Theroux ("The Lego Ninjago Movie") makes his "Chew" debut! The show travels to Las Vegas to meet Rosalind Brooks, who turned a patch of desert into a thriving community garden and shares her tips with viewers.

    09/20/17Season 6PG
    S6 The Need to Feed

    Chef Lovely, the Queen of the Kitchen at Glen Feliz Elementary, where she teaches the benefits of healthy eating, joins Clinton Kelly in the kitchen. Michael Symon answers viewers' pleas with simple tips to solve their dilemmas.

    09/21/17Season 6PG
    S6 Fall in a Flash

    Elisabeth Shue ("Battle of the Stars") talks about her new role and makes a tasty fall dish with Clinton and Carla. Michael Symon visits the Hattie Carthan Herban Farm in Brooklyn. Mario Batali serves up a delectable entrée in just a few minutes!

    09/22/17Season 6PG
    S6 Quick and Easy Fall

    The co-hosts unveil their newest must-have cookbook, "The Chew: Quick & Easy," and spotlight recipes that are simple and sumptuous. The beautiful and hilarious Kristen Bell ("The Good Place") makes Carly's Spinach Pesto, and Carla Hall celebrates autumn with her three speedy and delicious treats to make with apples.

    09/25/17Season 6PG
    S6 Eat and Tweet

    Award-winning actress Danielle Brooks ("Orange Is the New Black") returns to "The Chew"; the co-hosts share the secrets to a slimmed-down snack your family will love; Michael Symon makes a healthy dish he's calling America's Most Wanted Meal.

    09/26/17Season 6PG
    S6 The Chew... On Trend!

    Actress and cookbook author Jennifer Esposito ("The Affair") talks about her latest cookbook, "Jennifer's Way Kitchen." Clinton Kelly experiments with a DIY trend that's gone viral – will he succeed? And producer/director Lee Daniels ("Empire," "Stars") gives Carla Hall the scoop on his incredible shows.

    09/27/17Season 6PG
    S6 Host Like The Pros

    Cheryl Hines ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") cooks with Clinton Kelly; Michael Symon shares his meat-grilling tips just in time for tailgate season. "The Chew" crew puts the latest gadgets to the test.

    09/28/17Season 6PG
    S6 Make It In Minutes

    Anne Heche ("The Brave") dishes with Clinton Kelly; the hilarious Katy Mixon (ABC's "American Housewife") joins Carla in the kitchen to create something delicious. Michael Symon gives his "back to basics" tips for the home cook.

    09/29/17Season 6PG