Homemade Essential Oil & Air Fresheners

By Aaron Welsh | May 4th, 2015

Daphne shows you a trick she learned from her own mom that’s perfect for Mother’s Day!

How to Make Homemade Essential Oil
1. There are two ways of infusing oil: cold and hot.
2. Combine lemon, mint (or scent of choice) with oil.
3. Cold infusion: Combine in glass jar then leave in sun for a few days to a few weeks, shaking every day.
4. Hot infusion: Combine in slow-cooker and heat on low for about 6 hours
5. Strain through cheesecloth then store in airtight glass bottle. This will lasts about 6 months.

How to Make the Homemade Air Freshener
1. Fill jar halfway with baking soda
2. Add 8-12 drops of essential oil
3. Shake every few days to revive scent
- Also works with just baking soda to remove bad smells, for instance in a baby’s room!
4. How to Make the Decorative Lids
- Trace jar lid onto decorative paper.
- Cut out circle.
- Place circle in lid ring and screw onto jar.
- Use a needle, fork, etc. to poke holes in the paper.
9. Wrap with ribbons
10. Attach decorative gift tags & scent labels
11. Tie on fresh sprig of rosemary or vanilla pod to indicate freshener’s scent