Shirt & Tie Father's Day Cards

By The Chew Crew | Jun 13th, 2014

Shirt & Tie Father's Day Card: Part 1 & 2

Glue Stick
Card Stock
Scrapbooking Paper

1. Take sheet of paper, fold in half lengthwise
2. Open up and fold each side in half again, dividing the paper in quarters lengthwise. Make sure that the two edges of the paper butt up against each other.
3. Open the paper flat again, take a corner and fold it inward at 45 degree to create a little triangle in one of the out edges. Repeat for adjacent corner.
4. Hold the paper at these two triangles and neatly fold them over flat.
5. Open that fold and pinch the two triangles in half (this creates a box)
6. Fold the box down flat (using the fold created in step 4). The long sides should also fold in on themselves.
7. Spin paper around so unfolded end is in front of you and flip it over.
8. Lift the edge to create a half inch fold, press flat
9. Turn over, this is now the front of the shirt. Fold one side of the collar around at an angle so that it resembles the real thing. Repeat for the other side at the same angle.
10. Turn paper so sleeve end is in front of you. Fold up that edge and tuck it neatly under the collar, press flat. You should have a neat little shirt!
11. Cut half inch strip of paper into two pieces approx. 1” long and 3” wide.
12. Fold the 1” piece to fit across the width of the tie and it appears to wrap around it like the knot of a tie.
13. Trim off any excess paper ends from the knot and adjust the tie length.
14. Trim tie tip to a point
15. Use glue stick to adhere the knot to the tie and then the tie to the shirt, right up under the collar.
16. Glue shirt in to the face of the card.