Wine Bottle Ring Toss

By The Chew Crew | Jul 2nd, 2014

Wine Bottle Ring Toss: Part 1&2 

Clean glass bottles
Hot glue

1. Remove labels and clean and dry bottles pour paint into wine bottles
- Use latex paint and don’t dilute it to ensure an even coating inside the bottles
- Roll bottles around until the inside is coated
2. Drain bottles upside down to remove excess paint
- Cut an “x” in the lid of a deli container to secure bottle
- Allow paint to dry completely, then scrape excess off mouth of bottle
3. Stencil numbers onto bottles
- Cut number out of stencil with exacto-knife
- Spray stencil with adhesive and allow it to dry to seal the stencil
- Stencil will not sit flat on the bottle, so use a very small amount of paint on a foam brush to avoid bleeding
- Allow paint to dry
4. Stack bottles in groups of 3 and glue bottles together
- Use hot glue to stick bottles together where they touch
5. Wrap rope around bottles to secure