DVD Mosaic Tray

By Aaron Welsh | Oct 7th, 2015

Taking your old discs from past their peak to breakfast tray chic! Make these amazing mosaic breakfast trays...you know how much Clinton loves mosaics! 

Soft Bristle Brush
Paint Brush
Glass Paint
Acrylic Sealer

1. First, choose a color palette.
2. Paint layer of glass paint onto silvery side of disc.
3. Let dry completely, overnight if possible.
4. Once dry, cut discs into pieces.
5. Take blank tray and draw design very faintly with a white wax pencil.
6. Fill in design with adhesive; only a small dab for each tile. Let dry.
7. Once design is dry, paint 3 to 4 coats of acrylic to seal tray.
8. Let clear coat dry thoroughly before using the tray.

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