Festive Halloween Lanterns

By The Chew | Oct 23rd, 2014

Clinton’s decorative lamps are amazing…they provide light and serve as a decoration.

- Orange and black paper lanterns
- Black and orange tissue paper
- Mod podge with a matte finish
- Sponge brush
- String

1. Draw jack-o-lantern eyes, nose and mouth onto black tissue paper with a white pencil
2. Cut out the features with sharp scissors
3. Choose a place on the lantern where the eyes should go, then apply mod podge to that area.
4. Place the eyes onto the mod podge
5. Gently brush more mod podge over the tissue, flattening it to the surface
6. Continue with the nose and mouth and make sure you let it dry before hanging.
7. We glued orange tissue paper for the face, and now you just hot glue construction paper in the shape of cat ears to the sides.
8. Attach a string to hang