Front Door Alien Ghosts

By The Chew | Oct 24th, 2014

Scare the children of the neighborhood with your floating eerie homemade apparitions.

- White balloons
- Green glow sticks
- Black markers
- Cheesecloth
- String

1. Crack your glow sticks so they’re fully lit. You’ll want to make these the day of Halloween so the glow sticks stay bright.
2. Insert glow sticks into balloon
- One stick goes directly into the balloon
-The second stick is attached to a long piece of string that will be used to tie the balloon to the tree
3. Blow up the balloons with the glow sticks inside. We’ve got a few done here.
4. Now, we’re going to draw faces on the balloons with thick black markers
5. Make a hole in the center of cheesecloth. Place string through hole and arrange cheesecloth over balloons