Fabric Leaf Place Cards

By Aaron Welsh | Nov 13th, 2014

Clinton’s Thanksgiving table place cards also do double duty as Christmas tree ornaments.

- Leaves – either from your backyard or silk ones from a craft store (a cookie cutter also works).
- Fabric in various patterns/colors
- Ribbon
- Card stock
- White glue

1. We need to stiffen our fabric. Mix one part white glue with one part water
2. Dip your fabric into the mixture, squeeze excess, and hang to dry
3. Trace your leaf onto stiff fabric
4. Cut out your fabric leaf
5. Punch holes into the bottom of your leaves
6. Cut card stock and punch hole on one side
7. Write name on card
8. Layer your three leaves. Take large needle with thin ribbon and pull through leaves and card. Tie ribbon into knot and trim any excess
9. Slide knot out of sight behind bottom leaf
10. And voila! Place these at your place settings and your guests can hang them on their Christmas Tree!