Very Merry Mantel: Gift-Wrapped Stocking Holders

By Clinton Kelly | Dec 8th, 2014

Watch How to Make it in Part 1 & 2

Clinton kicks off his decoration with this adorable stocking holder!

- Empty boxes
- Gravel
- Plastic sealable container
- Gift wrapping
- Ribbon
- Double stick tape
- Wreath hanger
- Paper

1. Fill container with gravel.
- Make sure the container fits in the box
- Can also use zip top bags for gravel
2. Set container into box.
3. Fill empty space with rolled up newspaper, or similar. This will keep container from sliding around and destroying box.
4. Wrap box. Take your time and be neat.
5. Decorate with ribbon, berries, or bows.
6. Make nametags for each wrapped gift
7. Cut the paper into a rectangle
- Cut hole into the corner
- Write the name & add wire to tie into ribbon
8. Take a wreath hanger & flatten it out.
-Wreath hanger costs $3.99 at the hardware store