Very Merry Mantel: Light Up Canvas Tree

By Clinton Kelly | Dec 9th, 2014

Make Clinton’s tree that’s as easy as pie to make!

- Stretched canvas
- Pencil
- Paint
- Paint brushes
- Awl
- Christmas lights

1. Sketch design on blank canvas
2. Paint canvas according to your design and let dry-The white tree could, ideally, be the blank canvas.
3. Determine where you would like the lights to poke through & make marks where the holes for the lights should be.
- Count how many lights you have, that will be about how many holes you make
- Keep in mind the distance between the lights on the strand
4. Poke holes in the canvas by pushing awl part way through, maybe half the length of the awl.
- Don’t make the holes bigger than the lights
- Don’t poke too many holes; you want room at the end to plug in the lights
5. Start putting lights through holes & keep in mind where you would like the plug to end up.
- Strands of lights right out of the box can be hard to work with. You will find yourself fighting with a kinked and twisted strand. Pull strand out of box ahead of time. Stretch it out and let relax before getting to work.
- The holes should be snug and it should take a bit of pressure to push through.
- You can poke & fill holes as you go, or poke all holes beforehand
6. Secure strand with tape. A few pieces in the right places may be enough
- Secure any loose ends of strand.
7. Hang and plug in