Very Merry Mantel: Festive Berry Wreath

By Clinton Kelly | Dec 10th, 2014

Don't miss out on making Clinton's berry-tastic wreath for your fireplace or front door!

- Cardboard
- Fake berries
- Glue gun
- Ribbon
- Red paint
- Xacto knife

1. Cut cardboard circles
-Our wreaths are 13.75”
2. Spray paint entire circle red
-Clinton & Daphne hold up their swap of cut and spray-painted circle
3. Start gluing berries. Hot glue dries quickly; add no more than 3 or 4 at a time
-Tacky glue allows you to add a lot of berries at once, but than you must wait an hour after before handling it
4. Once dry, cut a short length of ribbon, wrap around wreath and hot glue in place.
5. Tie a large bow with ribbon and run a 12" length of wire through the back of it. Use wire to fix bow to ribbon glued to wreath.
6. Create a loop with a longer length of ribbon and glue it in a loop on the opposite side of the wreath. This is the hanger
7. Wreath can be hung by tacks put into wall through inside of hanging loop