Very Merry Mantel: Magnolia Leaf Garland

By Clinton Kelly | Dec 11th, 2014

Don’t miss out on Clinton’s amazing and unique Garland!

- Pearlescent cardstock
- Parchment paper
- Green floral wire
- Red card stock
- Hot glue gun
- White floral wire
- Bone folder
- Straightedge
- Scissors

1. Trace leaf template onto card and vellum, then cut out. Download the Template
2. Align straightedge with tip down center of stem. Use bone folder (or butter knife) to score center of leaf along ruler edge.
3. Keeping straightedge in place, gently fold leaf.
4. Take stem and fold it across itself at right angle. Alternate folding some left, others right, then cut away excess stem.
-Fold stems at slightly different lengths to give a little variety. Likewise, fold the leaves themselves at varying degrees
5. Make berries: cut white floral wire to 4 to 6 inch lengths & punch red circles from cardstock.
-If you don’t have a punch, trace a nickel or quarter
6. Dab hot glue on red circle, then lay end of wire in glue & complete sandwich with another red circle.
7. Twist 3 berry stems together
8. Lay out a workable length of wire & place the smallest amount of glue in the leaf stem fold. Allow a moment for glue to cool.
9. Fit glued fold onto the floral wire. Pinch firmly in place
10. Choose next leaf with stem fold facing opposite direction and glue in place on wire.
11. Keep working in this way alternating in vellum leaves, too
-Vary angles to make garland more 3-d, don’t think of it as lying flat on table
12. Add trios of berries randomly through length of garland by gluing twisted wire ends to the backside of leaf.