Very Merry Mantel: Snowman Tree Topper

By Clinton Kelly | Dec 12th, 2014

Don’t miss out on Clinton’s amazing and unique snowman tree topper!

- Felt
- Popcorn buckets
- Illustration board
- Ribbon
- Hot glue or spray mount
- X-acto knife
- Scissors 

1. First, disassemble and flatten a popcorn bucket to create template.
- For Frosty hat, shorten bucket
2. Trace template on felt with chalk, leaving extra space (for overlap).
3. Trace top of bucket onto felt.
4. Cut brim template from board & trace onto felt twice.
- Make your own cardstock compass to draw brim; looks like a wreath
5. Cut traced shapes out of felt.
-Cut larger since it’s easy to trim felt down & larger is better to create seams
6. Glue felt around body of bucket.
-Don’t hot glue all at once. Glue cools off too quickly, so do in 3 or 4 steps
-Keep in mind bottom of hat body will be covered by ribbon
-Brooke loves glue guns
7. Flip bucket upside down & glue hat top to bottom of bucket.
8. Glue felt to both sides of brim, then trim & cut out the center.
-Cutting inside brim circle is optional
9. Glue hat brim to body.
10. Glue ribbon above brim.
11. Trace & cut petals to make flower. Cut circle for center & glue together; then glue in place on hat.