Silk Screen Printed Napkins

By The Chew Crew | Feb 17th, 2014

Watch How to Make It

Nylon Stocking
An Embroidery Hoop
Acrylic Pain
Mod Podge
Old Men’s Shirts or Cotton Napkins
Corrugated Cardboard
Wide Foam Brush
Wide Masking Tape

1. Split leg of nylon stockings so that it lays flat
2. Place inner hoop on stocking and tighten material around
3. Put outer hoop in place and tighten
4. Place hoop on image and trace marker
5. Cover negative areas of image with mod podge
6. Choose a surface on which to screen print: napkins made from shirts, store-bought napkins, etc. Shirts, table cloths, or runners, and coasters will work as well.
7. Tape fabric to a piece of scrap cardboard to keep it flat.
8. Set your printing screen onto fabric
9. Squeeze paint onto screen above image
10. Drag squeegee over image, bringing entire puddle of paint to the bottom
11. Lift screen off image